Do you HAve Food?

We are a tap room and our focus is on the beer. There are plenty of food options in the neighborhood that do a better job at making food than we ever could. You are more than welcome to bring food into the tap room or have it delivered. We will keep an assortment of menus from local eateries available. We will also have food trucks on site most weekends - check our calendar for the food truck scheduled.

Is the taproom dog or KID friendly?

Dogs are welcome as long as they're well behaved (and potty trained!). Staff reserves the right to ask any dogs that are not behaving and/or disrupting other customers to leave. 

Yup, kids are welcome in the tap room and we even have games and activities for the kiddos. All we ask is that you keep a close eye on them and prevent them from interfering with other guests enjoying themselves. 

What types of beers do you serve? Do you offer wine or cocktails?

Our focus is on a diverse lineup of traditional beer styles along with some exciting experimental offerings. We feel it's important to offer a range of selections that span the spectrum of light to dark, malty to hoppy, and low ABV to high ABV. With capacity for 20 taps, no matter what you like or what your mood there is something for everyone. Beer is what we know and love so that's what we do best. We do not offer wine or cocktails in our tap room. You can check out our current line up here.

Our license does not allow us to serve wine or cocktails and outside alcholic beverages are not allowed on our property per state law. 

do you offer ANY gluten free or Reduced Gluten beers?

We've recently been working to reformulate many of our beers to be Gluten reduced. We use a product in our brewing process called "Clarity-Ferm' from White Labs, one of the premier suppliers in the industry. This product has two missions: one is to help clarify the beer and the other is to naturally reduce gluten content through enzymatic processes that allow us to use the same recipe and also achieve a lower gluten content. White Labs estimates the gluten content to be below 20ppm in most beers.

While this product is extensively used in the industry, we have not had our beers independently lab tested for gluten content. Further, slight variations in process or ingredients could have an impact on the final product. While we're confident that the use Clarity-Ferm results in a gluten reduced final product without impairing the flavor profile, we do recommend that you follow the advice of your doctor and cannot guarantee the gluten content in our beers. 

For more information on Clarity-Ferm, click here

How do I book a party or event at Brink? 

First we need some details to see if we can accommodate your request. Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with details.  If you would like to reserve a table for your group during non-peak hours, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are not currently offering Private events. 

my last name is Brink, can I buy merchandise? do you sell gift cards?

First off, if your last name is Brink — and there are LOTS of you — high five!

Unfortunately we’re a small operation and aren’t able to handle online orders at this time. We are considering it for the future. If you would like to buy a gift card online and send it to someone that can visit the taproom, you can do so here: GIFT CARDS. We also sell gift cards in our tap room.

Do you package your beer? Where can I find it outside of the taproom? Do you fill growlers?

We do not currently package our beer in traditional bottles and cans. You can find our beers at select bars & restaurants around the Cincinnati area.

We do not sell growler bottles, but we will fill your clean growlers if you bring them in. (We try and keep extra caps in stock but we’re not perfect)

We can always fill a Crowler for consumption “to-go” of most of our beers.

Can we GET A donation for my charity or charity event?

As a community oriented brewery and tap room, contributing to back to local causes is very important to us. Due to an overwhelming number of requests we have updated our donation policy to allow your group to partner with us through a “Brink For a Cause Event” at the brewery. You can find details about that program here: Brink For A Cause


Send us a self-address and stamped envelope to our address (5950 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224). No promises, but we will do our best to accommodate the request.