Andrew McCleese  | Operations & Founder

Maria mccleese | beertender

Where’d you go to high school: Columbia Academy (in MS)

College: The University of Southern Mississippi- Go Eagles!

Skyline or Gold Star? neither- my definition of chili and Cincinnati's definition of chili is WAY different!

Gateway beer: Whatever Andy made me drink before Brink opened- I was transitioning from wine drinker to beer drinker. 

Favorite Brink beer: anything bourbon barrel aged if I'm feeling like a dark beer. tropical wheat if i'm feeling lighter.

Bucket List: to name just a few I'd like to see a Broadway play, a tropical rain forest, and the ball drop in NY Times Square on NYE. Oh, and the prisoner camps at Auschwitz- morbid but fascinating.

A few fun facts about yourself: I'm a Southern girl, born and raised below the Mason-Dixon in Mississippi. Where I grew up there were no red lights and the nearest Walmart was a half hour drive. I love Reds baseball. I was one of the team statisticians in high school so I like to 'keep the books' during games. Sometimes I say nerdy stuff to the TV like 'Ok guys, he went deep in the 2nd inning so you need to back up the outfield.' I love to dance.