Kelly Montgomery  | Head Brewer & Founder

Drew Piller | brewer & Beer sales Slinger

Looking for kegs or distribution?

Contact Drew for any sales requests at:

Where'd you go to High School? Colerain

College? The Ohio State University 

Skyline or Goldstar ? Skyline, but I've heard a mix of Skyline & Goldstar makes for the best chili dip.   

What was your "gateway beer" into craft beer? I drank a lot of Bell's Two Hearted, Anchor Steam, and anything Sierra Nevada early on. 

Favorite Brink Beer: Damocles black milkshake NEIPA topped with a little Night Cap Christmas porter.

What would be in your ideal mixed 6-pack? (no Brink beers allow)

  1. Omnipollo Yellow Belly Sundae

  2. Branch & Bone Bend Beyond

  3. Fat Head's Head Hunter

  4. Blank Slate Opera Cream

  5. Cantillon Fou Foune

  6. WeldWorks Juicy Bits

My Bucket List Item:  To travel to all U.S. National Parks and do at least a two night backpacking trip.

Fun facts: Started taking piano lessons when I was 6 yrs old. Played violin, viola, and saxophone (tenor, bari) in school. Have been playing guitar since I was 13. And I was in the Cincinnati Boys Choir, for about 3 weeks.