Kelly Montgomery  | Head Brewer & Founder

Kelly Montgomery | head brewer & founder / co-owner

Where'd you go to High School? Turpin

College? The Ohio State University 

Skyline or Goldstar ? Neither! My father operated an Empress chili parlor for the last 20 years.... so, I'll have to go with that. Empress chili has a little more spice kick to it that makes it more in my wheelhouse...   

What was your "gateway beer" into craft beer? I would have to say Sam Adams and Pete's Wicked Ales...  Those were some of the first beers my Uncle Jack introduced me to.  I also drank quite a few Sammy Smiths back in the day, the Taddy Porter and Nut Brown Ale were my beer of choice in the early 90's   

Beer Credentials & Awards: GABF 2018 Very Small Brewer of the Year, BJCP Beer Judge, Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal Winner, World Beer Cup Bronze Medal Winner,  US Open Beer Championship Medal Winner, Big Beers and Barley Wines Gold Medal in 2016 Barrel Aged Homebrew Category, 2016 Best of Show Hop Courage. And several Gold Certificates from National AHA Homebrew competition as well as local Homebrew Competition medals that inspired me to do more! 

What would be in your ideal mixed 6-pack? (no Brink beers allow)

1. Aged Bigfoot Barley wine

2. Thomas Hardy's Ale

3. Dogfish 120 minute

4. Fatheads HeadHunter

5. Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti

6. Westendorf Belgian Quad (local homebrew) 

My Bucket List Item:  Cruise the length of the entire Ohio River in a rundown boat with minimal planning with my nephews.