John McGarry  | Captain & Founder

john mcgarry | captain & founder / Co-owner

Where'd you go to High School? St. Xavier 

College? Miami 

Skyline or Goldstar? Goldstar

What was your "gateway beer" into craft beer?  Probably have to say it was Sam Adams Boston Lager, although Uncle Jack had me trying everything under the sun early on. Salvator Doppelbock, Dogfish 60 minute, Goose Island Honker Ale, Flying Dog everything, Sam Adams Triple Bock were are all in the fridge when I'd visit in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Beer Credentials:  1 of only 13 Certified Cicerones® in Cincinnati. Oh, and I've visited over 300 breweries across the world.

What would be in your mixed 6-pack?

1. Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout - A perfect beer. Chocolaty, chewy mouth feel, but low ABV.

2. Melvin 2x4 - Cuz I love hops and this has all of them

3. Crooked Stave "L'Brett D'Or" - had to pick a Crooked Stave sour. Barrel blended, perfectly acidic w/out overpowering the base beer.

4. Rochefort 8 -  A classic Belgian beer

5. Bierstadt Lagerhaus "Slow Pour Pils" - A beer for all occasions. Made using traditional techniques and equipment and the attention to detail shines through. Perfectly clear, big fluffy head, and you can drink it all day.

6. Great Divide "Yeti" - When you need to go big, you can't beat this roasty, hoppy beast.