Andrew McCleese  | Operations & Founder

andrew mccleese | founder & Co-Owner

Where'd you go to High School? Turpin 

College? UC

Skyline or Goldstar? Goldstar

What was your "gateway beer" into craft beer?  Kelly's (our head brewer) Broken Sprocket or his homebrewed Hop Slam clone.  Prior to that the "craftiest" beer I would drink would have been Guinness. 

Beer Credentials:  BJCP Sensory Training - Beer Judge.  Gold and Silver medal winner in CMI Oktobersbest Homebrew Competition 2015. 

What would be in your mixed 6-pack?


1. Trappistes Rochefort 10

2. AleSmith Speedway Vietnamese Coffee Stout

3. Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA

4. Wicked Weed Oblivion

5. Ayinger Celebrator

6. Telluride Face Down Brown

....Why? no secrets here.  Just because it is a good mix of some of my favorite beers by style.  So many to choose from but these are a favorite sour, IPA, Belgian Quad, Stout kind of thing.