In the early 90's, long before people were talking about craft beer, our Uncle Jack sparked our interest in the craft beer world. His refrigerator was full of only specialty, full-flavored beers from his travels abroad. His passion and insight are what led Kelly, and eventually Mark, into brewing, and John to immersing himself into the beer world by traveling to over 300 breweries internationally and becoming a Certified Cicerone®. The spark that Uncle Jack lit many years ago is what ultimately drove us to want to open a brewery.  More than anything though, he taught us that there is so much more to good beer than just the ingredients brewed... 

Good beer is about the people, the stories, and the experience.

Having our own brewery is something our family has long dreamed of (usually over beers). When we decided to jump off the brink and finally take the plunge into opening a brewery we knew we wanted to bring those values taught by Uncle Jack into our tap room. Therefore, Brink Brewing Company is a craft brewery that provides quality beers and a welcoming, comfortable tap room that creates a community, a place to share stories, and a place to make new friends. The ultimate goal of Brink is to share our love of craft beer with the community.

We found our home in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati after looking for many years. Our location in College Hill gives us the opportunity to be an intricate part of the business district and also a neighborhood hub - from day one it felt like the perfect community to build upon.